Foo Fighters incendeiam o Maraca (in English)

Corresponding to all the expectations, the famous and poweful north american bands, FF and QOSTA, performed 2 great gigs, lasting 4 hours (totally), in Marcana Aren. on Sunday 25 th.
Both had come to Rio, togegher, long time ago, more precisely in 2001, when they played in the Rock in Rio 3.
That time I was at the age of 24. Over these years, of course, many things have happend.
Some of them were: My health got worse, my son was born and perhaps,I nternet became the biggest change for the traditional societiety ever seen.
Moreover, Internet has been so sucessefull in music interests/ lentertainment, atcacting and representing huge change of behaviour in the life of music and entertannmen fort consumers.
Aware of these issues, FF and QOSTA, along with the press and this strong new media and fans knew how to capitalize and popularize thir songs, spreading them all over the world.
Songs lile "Best of you", "Times like these" and "My hero" prooved it. Even David Growl, the fron man, asked to the crowd " How my of yours are here for the first time to see our band" ?
Nevertheless, by 30 thousand people´s answer presenting to the concert, the answer was enough and safe. Many were there for the first time, second, at most.
By the way, FF passed through Rio, in 2015, releasing an album clelebrating 20 years of carreer.
Talented musitians. nice riffs, good songs, charisma and media well torkedl contibute a lot and it is a strong key for success.

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